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The book "Islam Denounces Terrorism" was written right after the 9/11 attacks that were staged in the two big cities of the United States of America in 2001 and it was explained with verses from the Qur'an, the practices of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and examples from Islamic history that Islam denounces terrorism. However, terrorist attacks continued after 9/11, and spread to other countries including Great Britain, Spain, Turkey and France. This prompted politicians, academicians, religious leaders and writers, in other words, all conscientious people all around the world, to look for solutions to terrorism, to understand its causes and to work out the steps that should be taken.


As Muslims, we strongly condemn all the terrorist attacks around the world, including those on two major cities of the United States of America on September 11, 2001, which caused the death and injury of thousands of innocent people. For centuries, various acts of terrorism have been carried out in different parts of the world by different groups for a variety of purposes. Sometimes a communist organisation, sometimes a fascist group, and sometimes radical and separatist factions assume responsibility for these acts. 17 November in Greece, the RAF and Neo-Nazis in Germany, ETA in Spain, the Red Brigades in Italy and many other organisations killed innocent and defenceless people through terror and violence.


In recent times in particular, fanaticism has largely wound up being equated with Islam. Indeed, certain groups call this religion of fanaticism Islam and they have turned their fears of fanaticism toward Islam, so much so that Islam, an Abrahamic faith, has come to stand for “fear.” Islamophobia is talked about all over the world. People are unaware that their fears stem, not from Islam, but from nonsense.

Peace-loving Muslims are not trying to soften, reform or moderate Islam. Our aim as peaceable Muslims is to try to eliminate a falsehood that has been propagated under the name of Islam for many years. It is to eliminate the radicalism, fanaticism and bigotry displayed for years under the name of Islam and to eradicate that nonsensical faith that has nothing to do with the true Islam, and to describe the truth of Islam with evidence from the Qur’an. It is to put an end to the worst defamation of Islam being done by the fanatics.

This book reveals the sources of the false, fanatical religion and discusses the invalidity of that religion with examples from the Qur’an.


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